Saturday, January 25, 2014

Response Number One

Karl Marx believed that the government should be in control of everything in Russia. Children could work at a very young age (no child labor laws). Nobody would own property. He thought that it would be right to tax you more if you worked more and to tax you less if you didn’t work a lot. Which isn't fair to those you get paid very little and work long hours (someone working a McDonalds) get almost all of their income taxed off. Then those who work very minimum hours and get paid a lot (singer, actor, ect.) get hardly any you their income taxed.

Communist Manifesto was a book written by Karl Marx that expressed his thoughts on his view of politics.

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  1. Good points. When people who work more get paid the same as people who barely work it makes the drive to succeed lower. We would be a nation of mediocrity.